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    MAX-CONNECT is MAX Employment’s jobs matching system and your connection to future employment. If you are a MAX Employment client simply click on register on the homepage. If you are not you may be eligible to become a MAX Employment client. By joining MAX-CONNECT, you will connect with the latest job seeking advice. Whether you are job ready or not, MAX-CONNECT will set you on the path to finding work. MAX-CONNECT will be your 24/7 employment guide.  Not only will MAX-CONNECT direct you in your job search, but by fully embracing it, you will allow MAX Employment's 1,000 plus team members to help you find work.

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  • TEN interview questions you MUST be prepared for

    There’s no way to know every question your interviewer will ask you, but having possible responses prepared to the more common questions will leave you less likely to be tongue tied during your interview. This training video demonstrates how to respond to the top 10 most common questions you will face, some good examples of how to respond to them, and how to act during your interview. • Tell us about yourself. • What do you know about our company? • Why have you applied for this job? • What experience have you had in this type of work? • Why did you leave your last job? • What do you look for in a job? • What are your weaknesses? • Why should we hire you? • Where do you see yourself in five years? • Do you have any questions for us?

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